help us reopen our venue (please spread the word)

ok so after the meeting I just had it has been decided

the new alaboutrecords will be located in the whittenton mills in taunton

we have already looked at the space, its 4300 square feet and amazing

the goal right now is to raise $8k by sept and open by mid sept/early oct, oddly enough the original venue opened in oct too

I think if we can somehow pull together 2 benefit shows in Aug we should be able to make the goal 

I also made a kickstarter to help fund the $8000 total we need to raise to cover:

1st and last months rent on a space 

permits and fees with the city

PA equipment

sound proofing($$$$)

and other various expenses

go to our fb event and check out some pics from the old venue

so please spread the word, ask everyone you know to make a pledge, parents, cousins, bfs, gfs, etc, etc

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